Medical Marijuana and Epilepsy

epilepsy1The Facts: Medical Marijuana and Epilepsy

Many people with severe epilepsy have tried a myriad of mind-numbing medications, brain surgeries, invasively implanted electrical stimulation devices, diets and alternative therapies, with little to no relief of their symptoms. While there may be some harmful effects from CBD-rich marijuana extracts, also known as Charlotte’s Web, they must be weighed against the very real dangers and challenges a constantly seizing child faces every day, or a child who has no other treatments left to try.

Scientists and physicians have been quick to warn of the dangers of the marijuana extract because CBD use in people with epilepsy has yet to be clinically evaluated, due in part to the tight restriction the FDA and DEA have placed on marijuana and its compounds. Canna Care Collective (CCC) believes the reduced amount of seizures, or complete remission is all the proof needed, that Low THC High CBD treatment is worth the exploration.

CCC recognizes that CBD and/or medical marijuana are not an answer for all children with epilepsy. Much more needs to be done to find treatments and a cure for all forms of epilepsy, which affects more people than multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and Parkinson’s combined. But parents and researchers are cautiously optimistic that this may be a promising new treatment on the horizon.

CCC will continue to keep a sharp focus on new research for the use of medical marijuana, CBD and other marijuana-derived compounds for the use in epilepsy. As a premier low THC Cannabis supplier in Florida for epilepsy we hope to continue to play a role in disseminating the information we gather, using it to guide us as we seek different compounds for the benefit of epilepsy patients of all ages.