Medical Marijuana Research

pic2New Science: Medical Marijuana Research

The use of a marijuana strain rich in cannabidiol (CBD) in is a complex issue, and Canna Care Collective’s (CCC’s) understanding of the myriad of perspectives around this continue to evolve on a daily basis. CCC will continue to discuss new and innovative ways to navigate the regulatory issues around CBD access for research purposes and patient access.

Marijuana and its components are classified as Schedule 1 Drugs by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Because of this Schedule 1 designation, it is difficult to conduct research using these agents, but it’s not impossible. CCC applauds those currently doing CBD research, and continues to work with our many research, medical, and constituent partners to identify solutions that will move research and patient treatment even further in this important area.

We believe that the serious long- term effects that accompany the use of anti-epileptic drugs and a lifetime of intractable seizures cannot be ignored. The positive results that some people with epilepsy have been seeing from CBD-rich marijuana extracts are giving so many parents what they have been lacking for so long – hope.